Tis the season for winter wreaths! The LODEN look is always a bit wild with lots of natural elements. They can be designed with evergreens for an outdoor wreath to last through the holidays or with dried elements for indoor/outdoor use to enjoy through the winter months. 

Mini, perfect for a kitchen window or to give as a gift...   $35 each

Minimal, perfect for a light and airy look or smaller accent area...  $75 and up

Maximal, perfect for a statement on the front door or above a mantel...  $150 and up

*mini and minimal sizes are available for shipping 

If you'd like, use the form below to request a wreath. I'll follow up to confirm details, such as delivery/pick up/ship date, style, and payment. Orders are not complete until I have confirmed with an email or phone call. Or, you can always contact me directly. 

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Wishing you a warm and cozy winter season!


A few garden moments from last year... Cobwebs, compost, dog, messes - it's all part of the process. If you are interested in supporting this cutting garden project, consider a summer bouquet subscription. Click here for details.

The Ribbonry Collaboration, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago Cam and I began chatting about how she could freshen up her bridal line for an upcoming wedding show. Her hand stitched flowers can be added to a hair comb, sash, flower crown, and even a bouquet. They do make for a lovely accessory, but we were curious to see how they would pair with fresh flowers as well- we thought my designs might give them a look that is a bit more current for today's brides. I found that including a few of her blooms made designing a cascading bouquet a breeze and I always love the look of a single large bloom worn in the hair.  

The Ribbonry's work is bespoke and the shop is open by appointment.

The Ribbonry Collaboration, Part 1

Last October, I had the pleasure of co-designing a tablescape for the Art in Food event, at the Toledo Museum of Art. Cam Nitschke of The Ribbonry in Perrysburg and I collaborated on a design inspired by dutch master Rachel Ruysch's, Flower Still Life. When Cam and I began working together, she had already chosen this piece to work from - her choice was serendipitous as I had previously studied this painting for an earlier floral project. 

Cam's arcing and bobbing hand stitched millinery flowers added a painterly effect to our finished piece that could not have been achieved with fresh flowers alone. Upon close inspection of the painting, you may notice bugs and butterflies - our arrangement was no different, with preserved butterflies and stitched caterpillars creeping along leaves. The accents of pewter, linen, china, and salt pulled together the elements of a Dutch merchant's dinner party. Peek through...

Loden Bouquets

About two years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to buy a new house. One that more closely reflected what is important to us at this point in our lives. The top item on my list was a yard large enough for an extensive cutting garden. One that could supply all of the wonderful garden bits that are so meaningful to my design style. So we got the yard, one that's big enough for me to putter in, but not overwhelming and not so large that I would attempt becoming a farmer florist! This past spring I decided that occasionally the abundance of blooms may not match up with a wedding or were more than I needed and that I ought to offer a weekly bouquet service. I spent the spring and summer testing this idea on a group of flower friends. Their feedback was so positive that I am happy to say that I have added LODEN BOUQUETS to my offerings. LODEN BOUQUETS is a weekly bouquet subscription, specializing in locally grown flowers, herbs, and foliages gathered and ready to place in your vase at home. The collections featured this past season included all of those wonderful bits in combinations that were both familiar and fresh...

Would you be interested in weekly bouquets for your home throughout the summer growing season? Here's the low down...

-Flowers are sourced from the LODEN cutting gardens and a few other local gardens that have granted picking privileges. Occasionally interesting or unexpected elements are foraged and used.

-The spring program runs for 5 weeks and the summer program runs for 8 weeks. There are occasionally lulls in the garden - so, you'll be updated on the garden progress and you'll receive a weekly pick up reminder via text message.

-Pick ups will be at the office at 219 Louisiana Ave in downtown Perrysburg on Wednesday afternoons. Exact times to be announced. If you happen to be out of town, feel free to send a friend in your place or let me know and I'll make sure your bouquet is donated to Hospice on East River Road.

-Investment: The program runs like most subscriptions services. Payment up front guarantees you a season of bouquets. If you love the idea but feel you won't make use of the full share, consider splitting it with a friend. Payments are nonrefundable.

There are a limited number of subscription spots available. Please visit the online shop to reserve your LODEN BOUQUETS .

For more photos from this past season, check out  #lodencuttinggarden

Whitney & Chris

It was a treat to style so many sweet moments throughout the Carranor Club for this late summer wedding...

Photos: Cindy Daudelin


Beautiful photos curtesy of Chelsea Brown Photography...

A few of our own snapshots...



Buy your mama a bouquet of flowers this Mother's Day - It's such a sweet gesture and she'll love them! We'll be choosing beautiful color palettes and lovely blooms for an extra special presentation. Available arranged in a glass vase or hand tied  and ready for her own vessel. Vased arrangements begin at $65 and hand tied bouquets begin at $45. Please call (419.277.7999) or email ( to place your order.

Pick Up Options:

Friday evening, May 6th at Earth To Oven in Sylvania during the Art Walk or Saturday late morning at our office in Perrysburg.

Delivery Options:

Deliveries will go out on Saturday May 7th, flowers will be left if recipient is not home. $15 fee


During the quiet months of winter, I often enjoy taking on a design project for the pure joy of it. Winter is appropriate in part because I have the luxury of time to spend thinking and playing with an idea and in part because I crave the freshness of flowers throughout our cold months. This winter I was inspired by Art in Bloom, a springtime exhibit hosted by museums across the country, and chose to embark on an independent study of Toledo Museum of Art's works alongside my florals. After choosing a few obvious pieces and a few personal favorites, I took time to think about particular flowers, colors, and forms that felt representative of the artwork. This project was immensely rewarding by allowing me to design with new varieties of flowers and design styles, playing with photography, and exploring our fabulous museum in a new way. So much so that I've decided, I will continue to explore this study throughout the year in order to play more with artwork that  inspires me at different times of the year and the seasonality of flowers at those times. Enjoy a look at part one...


Flower Still Life, Rachel Ruysch                                                                                                             

Icelandic Poppies, Garden Roses, Carnations, Ranunculus, Parrot Tulips, Spirea, Sweet Pea

Flower Brooch, Sterle' Jewelers

Icelandic Poppies

Dancer Resting, Henri Matisse

Fritillaria, Ferns, Roses, Ranunculus, Anthirium, Icelandic Poppies, Heather

Still Life with Bottle, Giorgio Morandi


Flowers and Fruit, Henri Fantin-Latour

Ranunculus, Hydrangea




These two...

When Crystal and Tim began discussing their September 2015 wedding with me, I really wasn't sure what form it was going to take. Plenty of ideas were tossed around over the course of a year. However, a couple of requests that never altered were to have a very bodacious bouquet with gorgeous statement ribbon, and dahlias! Flowers were important to the day, and I was given wide berth on what to use to fulfill their vision. Mossy weathered pots, marbled votives, and terrariums from Lead Head Glass were combined for an updated garden look. Heaps of cafe au lait dahlias combined with gobs of garden roses, limelight hydrangeas, and autumn clematis were used throughout. Crystal and Tim were that special couple that has a vision, but who were eager to foster a relationship with me and ultimately trust in my skills to bring about that vision.


Event Design & Coordination: Crowning Celebrations

Photography: Kristen Nicole Photography

Venue: Toledo Country Club

Flowers: Lia Colapietro Floral

A few of Kristen's lovely images from the day...

A few of my quick images from the day...

Flower Life

Flower life has been good lately. With the bulk of my weddings in the fall this year, I've had the opportunity to fill my summer calendar working for other designers. Seeing old flower friends and making new ones is a really special part of my job. A few years ago I didn't know freelancing was an option, and now I'd miss it if I didn't get to do it.

In addition to freelancing, I spent time working on the Flower House preview. If you haven't heard, check it out. October in Detroit, mark your calendars!

Here's a peek. All photos are quickie phone shots because I'm usually busy, hot, tired... 

This was a pinch me moment in my career. I'm sure I never said to myself that I would love to work for Saipua someday, because it never occurred to me that it would be an option. Sarah, the head honcho, has been an inspiration to so so many florists and I am no exception. When I discovered her work a few years ago, I was ready to move on to a new career. She's the reason I'm still in the game. So when you hear she's coming to Detroit, you make sure to get on the designer list!

Sue from Passionflower in Ann Arbor working her magic. I seriously learn a lot from this lady.

Working large for Angel (first two) and Liz.

Did you check it out yet? Flower House. View the professional images, get inspired, get involved. Big big thanks to Lisa Waud for providing us florists with this playground and for continuing the conversation around American grown flowers and blight in Detroit.


As I spent some time thinking about how I wanted to spend my winter, one of the items on my to do list was a styled photo shoot. The kind where I plan and style the look however I choose.  It's fun, playful, and a way for me to boost my portfolio.

What culminated was a really fab group of wedding professionals pooling their talents for this little project. So on a particularly frigid day last week, I hauled my flowers and props to The Savory Suite in Perrysburg and set to work. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Big thanks go out to the following...


 Photography: Mary of Mary Wyar Photography

Stationary: Kelly of UpperCase Designs

Calligraphy: Yvonne of Max and Molly Design

Cake: Veronica of Earth To Oven

Location: The Savory Suite

Makeup: Aislinn Colapietro (upon request)


Did you know that you can purchase locally grown Meyer lemons? Well you can.

While I normally make lemon curd or sorbet with my lemons, this yearI got it into my head that I wanted to make a citrus wreath for myself for the new year. I crave bringing fresh elements into the house throughout the winter, for the boost they give me. I began with a call to Hoen's Garden Center . The plan was to have lemons with plenty of foliage still attached, so I asked if I could come take a look at their very old lemon tree (it's huge, for a lemon tree in Ohio!). Stephanie, who is responsible for Hoen's lovely photography and marketing, was very generous and let my husband, Sam, and I snip to our hearts content. So while Sam, a chef, is working on edibles and I will be enjoying our new wreath...

I did add bay leaf, rosemary, cedar and magnolia branches to give more texture and support, which I was pretty sure would be needed as the lemon foliage dried. My new clippers, a gift from Sam matched the job perfectly!

Even a few unripened baby lemons got tucked into this lovely winter arrangement...

Even a few unripened baby lemons got tucked into this lovely winter arrangement...


Tonight seems to be the first really cold fall night so far. Wind. Rain. Fairly certain the amazing dahlias I've been growing all season are doomed tonight. Just in time to dig them up for storage and a move (more on that in the future, more room for more flowers!). It's chilly and I'm bored, most of our belongings are packed away, so I decided to do a little photo work on the computer.  

The cafe au lait dahlias made the work extra lovely. However, I am trying to decide if I feel like a one trick pony after using them relentlessly. You can decide for yourself.

You know what else made these past months extra lovely - the very awesome clients who gave me free reign to do what I do best. 

Here's a recap...

Special thanks to Bridget at Decisive Moment Photojournalism for the next six lovely shots. And for a being a trooper even though my studio felt like a sauna that day!


Back in May, I spent a week soaking up the goodness that is Italy. Most of my time was spent in Umbria and Tuscany, which meant slow strolling through the countryside and quaint towns. All the climbing roses, geraniums and olive trees that a girl could hope for. I had lofty visions of creating lush arrangements while I was there, however when you get scolded for killing baby olives, it puts a damper on your plans! All in all, it was pretty dreamy - enjoy the flora...


It doesn't get much better than a bride and groom who are independent, have a clear vision and an eye for detail, and who are excited to work together to make the day really special. Danielle and Andy were all of that. The result was this great preppy wedding...

What a fab way to greet your guests! Danielle designed this floating sign for their ceremony on the lawn of The Carranor Club, Perrysburg Ohio.

What a fab way to greet your guests! Danielle designed this floating sign for their ceremony on the lawn of The Carranor Club, Perrysburg Ohio.