On a really lovely October day, I found myself with leftover flowers and time on my hands. It is such a treat to play with flowers. Which contrary to popular belief, is not what we florists do when we are on the clock. I had no deadlines or pressure or recipe to follow. So, I played. Of course I had my camera and intentions of a blog post. The flowers were lovely, the sun a little too bright, but all in all I was happy... and then my very sad, very old computer decided to no longer allow me to log into my website! Rude, to be fair I am pretty sure one of my children peed on it as a baby. It had to go. Now I am back, with a new computer and older children... and pretty flowers to share with you.

It was a perfect time of year to gather a few late garden treats. The star turned out to be the variegated nasturtium foliage - I will be sure to plant extra just for cutting next year.