Winter weddings can be beautiful and a bit of a challenge. Beautiful when you have the perfect venue and the perfect flowers. A challenge when it's super cold and windy. This past weekend was all of that and in addition to designing, I was also a guest. Two of my cousins (different sides of the family) both decided on December 7th as their wedding date and me as their florist. So I worked my tail off and then got to party with gobs of family! 

The venues that these couples chose fit their personalities so well. The Secor Building for Kevan and Anna, The Toledo Club for Dave and Tatiana. For Kevan and Anna we went with white, black, gold and pops of pink (oh and mirrors!). Dave and Tatiana wanted a holiday feel with whites, gold and deep reds (I am bummed that I somehow missed getting a picture of all the pretty compote arrangements). It really was a treat to work with my cousins' brides to be,  to make their day a little more perfect and to get to know those ladies even better. Lots of love to them all!!