Orange, love it! Orange frilly poppies, really love it!! Can't you just see a carefree bride carrying this down the aisle in a field. The poppies wouldn't last long, but they would be worth it. Now if you can't get into that idea, how about the spirea, the arching white branches... soft, delicate, lacey, and just a bit fragrant. But alas, this was not a bridal bouquet, it went home with me and into a vase, not too shabby. (By the way, lots of people have spirea and trim it into some awful hedge, but if you let it go it's a waterfall of blooms, great cut flower too.)


Poppies are not for the uptight, especially this many petalled variety. They will make a mess. I think the petals they drop are part of their charm, just move them off the kitchen table and go with it.


Also, my vintage poppy orange tool box. Passed to me by my mom, who I am sure stored art supplies in it. Passed to her by her dad, who was a surveyor in Toledo. It stores my tools now, however I am a bit concerned about it deteriorating. Today I will buy a new one, it won't be as cool. I need something a bit more practical, because my tools and I are hitting the road to work on a wedding in Michigan. Details next week...