Tonight seems to be the first really cold fall night so far. Wind. Rain. Fairly certain the amazing dahlias I've been growing all season are doomed tonight. Just in time to dig them up for storage and a move (more on that in the future, more room for more flowers!). It's chilly and I'm bored, most of our belongings are packed away, so I decided to do a little photo work on the computer.  

The cafe au lait dahlias made the work extra lovely. However, I am trying to decide if I feel like a one trick pony after using them relentlessly. You can decide for yourself.

You know what else made these past months extra lovely - the very awesome clients who gave me free reign to do what I do best. 

Here's a recap...

Special thanks to Bridget at Decisive Moment Photojournalism for the next six lovely shots. And for a being a trooper even though my studio felt like a sauna that day!