Aesme Collaboration


While in England in September, I spent two days with Jess and Alex of Aesme Flowers. Their West London studio is tucked into the railroad arches at the Shepherd's Bush tube stop. Shepherd's Bush was far more bustling than the sleepy Kew Gardens stop where I got on, after a few minutes of getting my bearings, I found my way   - it's just beyond the impossibly skinny rockers standing outside Bush Recording Studio and the grimy mechanics in jumpers. Once I found their arch, I was greeted by Alex and her Irish terrier, Mavis. Once Jess and our roses arrived, we fueled up with coffee and croissants, and headed out of town to do some cutting and foraging in their country garden. Through the rain, we cut and filled the van breaking only for snacks and tea in the poly tunnel. Obviously, I was in my element and couldn't have been happier!

Day two was filled with in depth conversation and design. Jess and Alex worked in tandem on their still life, followed by me. Our third design of the day was a team effort. We took down the dark hand painted backdrop we had been using for our Dutch Master inspired arrangements and opted for a beautiful bisque colored cloth which paired well with our pink toned design.

Thanks to Alex and Jess, who were a perfect pair for me to spend time with. It's always a treat to link up with like minded designers and spend a couple of days chatting about all the things - flowers, houses, food, family, business, life. If you find yourself in London, and are considering a flower class - look these women up!